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Can a Lender Pursue a Borrower’s Assets?

Rabbi Dovid Grossman   Case: In the previous section, we discussed the question of whether it is halachically permitted for a business to attempt to collect receivables. We will now focus on the general question of repaying debts.  Question: How…

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Can a Business Pursue Receivables?

Rabbi Dovid Grossman  Case: Many businesses are struggling due to Covid-19 and do not possess as large a cash flow as they did in the past. One of the avenues sometimes used by these businesses to increase their income is…

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Is There a Mitzvah to Lend to the Rich?

Rabbi Dovid Grossman   Question: In the previous segment, we discussed the mitzvah of lending money to those struggling financially. Does this mitzvah apply as well to lending money to the wealthy who may also be struggling during this period?…

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