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Halachic Expectations of an Expensive Daycare

Rabbi Boruch Fried Case: My children’s daycare center is very quick to cancel school for seemingly minor things, such as nsow, Erev Yom Tov, In- service days, etc. I am aware that other centers do the same, but this daycare…

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Severance Pay with No Contract

Rabbi Boruch Fried Case: Our company is downsizing, and we needed to let a few employees go. One of them is demanding severance pay, despite there being no mention of it in the contract. Is there any reason for me…

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Is Paid Maternity Leave Mandatory?

Rabbi Boruch Fried Case: As the sole secretary of a Yeshiva, I am their only female employee. When I mentioned to the principal my upcoming maternity leave, he breezily said “in our school we never give extended maternity leave”. Simply…

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Selling a Laptop without a Charger

Rabbi Baruch Fried Case: I bought a used laptop from a frum person. Upon delivery, I discovered it did not come with a charger. The seller claims he just said a laptop, and he doesn’t even have a working charger…

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