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Is a Verbal Non-Compete Binding?

Rav Shmuel Binyomin Honigwachs Question: We have spoken about the efficacy of a halachic non-compete. Would it be less enforceable if it was only agreed to verbally, without any documentation? Answer: As we have stated, non-competes rely on the concept…

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Halachic Shtar Vs. Legal Contract

Rav Shmuel Binyomin Honigwachs   Question: If I have a legal document for a loan or transaction, is there still a reason for me to have a halachic shtar as well?   Answer: A legal document that has been reviewed…

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Is it Forbidden To Pay My Rent Late?

Rav Eliezer Cohen   Question: We know that there is a prohibition of “ba’al talin”, delaying payment of a worker. Is it also forbidden to pay one’s rent late?   Answer: The Mechaber states that ba’al talin applies to renting…

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Buying Jewish: Supermarket Chains Vs. Mom-and-Pop Stores

Rav Eliezer Cohen   Question: We previously spoke about the importance of patronizing Jewish businesses. Does the same mitzvah apply to large Jewish-owned supermarket chain stores? Should one give them priority over non-Jewish chain stores?   Answer: Generally speaking, shopping…

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