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Non-Jewish Tenants Vs. Secular Jewish Tenants

Rabbi Yosef Kushner Question: In previous segments, we discussed non-Jews leaving chametz on one’s property. What about non-observant Jews? Would they be any different? Answer: The answer is that they present a much bigger halachic challenge. As we said, if…

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Introduction to Corporate Chametz

Preface The Torah forbids retaining any Chametz in our possession over Pesach. In addition, there is a positive commandment to get rid of any Chametz. Chazal further required all Jews to both search for and destroy all Chametz before Pesach,…

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If a Partner Makes an Error

Rav Yitzchok Grossman Question: We previously spoke about an instance where one partner deviates from the partnership – for example, if the business sells electronics and he decides to purchase a shipment of shoes – and we said that he…

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Is a Verbal Non-Compete Binding?

Rav Shmuel Binyomin Honigwachs Question: We have spoken about the efficacy of a halachic non-compete. Would it be less enforceable if it was only agreed to verbally, without any documentation? Answer: As we have stated, non-competes rely on the concept…

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Halachic Shtar Vs. Legal Contract

Rav Shmuel Binyomin Honigwachs   Question: If I have a legal document for a loan or transaction, is there still a reason for me to have a halachic shtar as well?   Answer: A legal document that has been reviewed…

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