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Paying an Invoice Late

Rabbi Chaim Weg  Case: Someone hired a painter to paint his house but was shocked when he received the total bill for several thousand dollars. Apparently, he had not realized how expensive it was to paint a house, and he…

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Making Private Calls During Work Time

Rabbi Chaim Weg  Question: Is it ever permitted to make private phone calls during one’s work time? Does it matter if the call is very important? In addition, is it permitted to use inexpensive items belonging to the company for…

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Is Copying Music Permitted?

Rabbi Chaim Weg  Case: Reuven was listening to the most recent popular Jewish song that had just come out, when his friend Shimon met him and heard the song for the first time. Shimon enjoyed the song very much, so…

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Gezel Sheina: Can You Really Steal Someone’s Sleep?

Rabbi Chaim Weg  Case: Reuven, a ba’al tokea (one who blows the shofar), spent a lot of time practicing blowing the shofar in his home before Rosh Hashanah. However, Shimon, his upstairs neighbor, was upset, since Reuven often practiced late…

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