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Backing Out of a Verbal Agreement

Rav Eliezer Cohen Question: Reuven is a stockbroker who likes to throw in incentives for his customers to use his services. He approached some potential clients and told them that he would give them 1,000 units of Dogecoin (a type…

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Returning Items After Intending to Purchase Them

Rav Eliezer Cohen Question: A local music store offers a service of “lending” instruments to potential customers,  enabling them to try out a given product before making the purchase. I was considering purchasing an electric guitar, borrowed it, and was…

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Mentally Agreeing to Accept an Offer

Rav Eliezer Cohen Case: I put my house on the market. One night, I received an email from my agent notifying me that he got a bid for $400,000. I was happy with that amount and decided to accept it.…

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What Constitutes a Valid Kinyan?

Rav Eliezer Cohen Question: What constitutes a “kinyan”, act of acquisition to gain ownership of an item, in today’s world? Answer: There are basically four stages of kinyanim. Step one is when two people agree to a price on a…

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