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Maaser for Covid Tuition

Q1. May one use maaser for tuition in general? Q2. Even if in a normal circumstance one cannot, is it possible that the tuition being paid during the COVID-19 school closures may be paid from maaser money? Answer 1: The…

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Playgroups vs. Schools

Q. The peshara for playgroups as mentioned previously was 25-33% of the regular tuition. Why does it seem that the expectation regarding schools is to pay closer to full tuition? As a matter of fact, there is a possibility from a Halachic…

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Tuition for Playgroups and Babysitters

As playgroups and babysitters are closed. Do parents have to pay tuition? If yes, how much? The starting point for these kinds of questions is the Chasam Sofer, which as mentioned in the previous shiur, in the case of a…

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Firing and Furlough Amid COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, many businesses and schools have been closed. What obligation does a business or school owner have towards his employees? If one is obligated, are there any exceptions? Is the halacha different if there is a physical signed…

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