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Paying Vendors in a Timely Manner

Rabbi Baruch Fried Case: In our school we have a constant stream of suppliers for things like office supplies. A colleague of mine was surprised that we always pay our vendors in full and on time, claiming I was “one…

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Leeway in Work Hours

Rabbi Baruch Fried Case: I run a company with mainly frum workers. I noticed many of them spend quite a while on coffee breaks. They already take off time for the lunch break that their contract allows, do I have…

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Backing out of an Online Purchase

Rabbi Baruch Fried Case: While shopping online, a certain item on a Jewish website caught my fancy and I impulsively decided to buy it. Minutes later I regretted the whole thing and would like to cancel the sale. Officially all…

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Unions and Strikes in Halacha

Rabbi Baruch Fried Case: I am a school bus driver in a large Jewish community. The other bus drivers are planning a walk-out as a push for higher wages and better benefits. I’m not interested, do I have to play…

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