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This groundbreaking project is designed to facilitate and provide a framework for frum businessmen to gain in-depth halachic knowledge they need for contemporary business dealings.

Business Halacha Daily features a daily halacha video covering pertinent business topics such as Interest and Heter Iskas, Geneivas Da’as, Loshon Hara in Business, Partnerships and Dissolutions. And more..


Thousands of readers read the rich content on a weekly basis. The Journal consists of a feature article on a timely topic, a Halachic thought related to the Parsha, Q&A from the Halacha Hotline and more.

Is it permitted to play paintball? Does a child have to pay for kibud av v’aim?

These and other timely topics were featured in our popular Bais HaVaad on the Parsha series. Now in its ninth year, this series has covered hundreds of topics since its inception, enriching the lives of listeners, as well as providing interesting discussions for the Shabbos table on the weekly parsha. of topics since its inception, enriching the lives of listeners.

Launched at the previous Siyum Hashas, this innovative audio series, consisting of an in depth halacha shiur related to the daf of the day, is a boon to both laymen and Magidei shiurim alike. Come join!

A bi-annual publication, the Business Halacha Review concentrates on one main topic, usually related to a Halachic issue at the forefront of Klal Yisroel. The BHR provides a comprehensive overview, historical background, a thorough analysis, along with detailed statistics and anecdotal stories.

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