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Learn to infuse halachic clarity
and confidence in your business


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About Our Program

This groundbreaking Yorucha project is designed to facilitate and provide a framework for frum businessmen to gain in-depth halachic knowledge they need for contemporary business dealings.

With the collective expertise of Dayanim, Poskim, and Talmidei Chachamim collaborating with a talented group of editors and writers, they have created a syllabus and curriculum of study, with accompanying shiurim and personal guidance.


Deliverables & Supplements

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In-depth “Ma’are Mekomos” source booklets

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Audio daily “Blatt shiur” clearly explaining sources

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Weekly video “from the field” application of materials

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Daily Q & A – Business Halacha Daily posts

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Review and testing

Looking to set up a Yorucha chabura in your shul?

Looking to implement the program in your business or office?

Get in touch with us and we can assist you with the details, set it up for you and your group, and provide hands-on assistance and guidance to help you navigate the materials and curriculum.


The short answer: Everyone! The longer version: the program is designed in a way that everyone can grasp, everyone can have a part in, and everyone can feel they have walked away with something. There are multiple tools and materials designed to help guide each person in the limud, wherever they are at.

Yes. There is an option of joining a “boardroom chabura” where one can learn for just a couple minutes per day, and still be “in the know” in the sugya.

In one program feature, “Business Halacha Daily”, we post daily 5 minute videos on various questions related to the topic of the week. These daily Q&A tidbits are short, concise and easy to ingest, and while they can be there as an added “feature of interest” for the intense full-fledged program user, they can also serve as a quick and simple way to help participants that aren’t able to devote too much time during their workday to stay in the loop. See more about this program here

100%. Circumstances change over time, and you may find yourself having more leeway down the road. At any point, we welcome you to switch over to the standard track of the course, and join our complete program schedule.

Chaburos are formulating all over. Contact us to be set up with a chabura that is already organized, or to help organize a new chabura in your location, or click here to sign up to join a chabura At a later date we will have posted an updated list of all current operating chaburos, for your convenience.

To join the Yorucha Curriculum, sign up here

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