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Altering the Position of an Employee

Rav Chaim Weg  June 11, 2020 Case: Due to Covid-19, a business owner does not have sufficient work to give to his employees. The owner decided that he would ask them to reorganize his office and storeroom. But the employees…

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Whose Purell Is it?

Rav Chaim Weg June 9, 2020   Question: During the last few months, it has become more common to do shopping for others, such as for elderly neighbors or relatives. In one case, a person went shopping for his elderly…

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Business Competition During Covid-19

Rav Chaim Weg June 8, 2020 Question: Someone has been selling masks in his development for the last several weeks. He now discovers that his neighbor is beginning to sell masks as well, and he feels that this will impact negatively on his sales. Does…

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