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Lost Objects and Dina D’malchusa Dina

Rabbi Dovid Grossman  Question: Someone went to the beach and lost an expensive watch of over $10,000. He was not sure if it was swept away by the water or lost in the sand. He looked for a little while,…

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Construction in Violation of Zoning Laws

Rabbi Dovid Grossman Question: Reuven decided to build an extension next to Shimon’s property. When Shimon complains that Reuven’s construction violates the local zoning laws, Reuven responds that it is still permitted since it does not violate any of the…

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Using Counterfeit Money

Rabbi Dovid Grossman   Question: Someone owns a gift shop in a busy tourist hot spot. One day, he discovers a one-hundred dollar bill in his cash register that is counterfeit and cannot determine who gave it to him. If…

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