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Business Halacha for today’s financial marketplace.

Business Halacha Daily features a daily halacha video covering pertinent business topics such as Interest and Heter Iskas, Geneivas Da’as, Loshon Hara in Business, Partnerships and Dissolutions. 


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Are there any Ribbis issues I need to be aware of when syndicating a deal? If I put up money to help my partnership through the month, are there Ribbis concerns?


Can I write “Best deal in town” on my ads if it may not be accurate? May I advertise a few doorbuster items to get customers through the door?


If someone asks me questions about an old employee, and I have some negative things to say, am  I allowed to? What are the paramaters?


I am working much harder than my partner and bringing in all the deals. Am I entitled to a larger share? Our partnership is really not working out; is there any way I can force him out?


What is The Role of a To’ein

Rav Yehoshua wolfe   Question: I was summoned to a din Torah and my friends tell me that I need to find a good to’ein. Is this correct?   Answer: According to U.S. law, everyone has a right to legal representation. For this reason, if a bais din wouldn’t allow…


Yichud & Gender-Related Halachos: Part II

Yichud & Gender-Related Halachos: Part I

Lashon Harah in Business Part II: Lashon Harah L’toeles

Lashon Harah in Business Part I: The Parameters of Lashon Harah

What Constitutes a Toeles?

Question: It is common knowledge that one is permitted to speak Lashon Hara for a “toeles”. What exactly constitutes a toeles?  Answer: People tend to think that “toeles” is a…

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The Halachos of Brokerage Part II: Co-Brokering & Volunteer Brokering

The Halachos of Brokerage Part I: The Broker/Client Relationship

Professional Malpractice Part IV: Corruption and Self-Dealing

Professional Malpractice Part III: Professional Liability

Professional Malpractice Part II: Medical Malpractice

Professional Malpractice Part I: General Malpractice

Ribbis in Commerce Part IV: Banks, Unions, & Corporations

Ribbis in Commerce Part III: Loans From Non-Jews on Behalf of Jewish Borrowers

Ribbis in Commerce Part II: Credit Sales & Services

Ribbis in Commerce Part I: Prepayments & Borrowing Measure-for-Measure

Ribbis IV: Heter Iska

Ribbis III: Conditional Ribbis

Ribbis II: Classifications of Ribbis

Ribbis I: The Prohibition of Ribbis

Loans & Collections: Part IV

Bankruptcy in Halacha

Rav Yitzchok Grossman, Rosh Kollel of Greater Washington and Dayan at the Bais HaVaad   Question: According to modern law, a debtor who can’t pay back his debt can file…

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Loans & Collections: Part III

Loans & Collections: Part II

Vouching For a Borrower

Rav Yitzchok Grossman , Rosh Kollel of Greater Washington and Dayan at the Bais HaVaad   Question:  Shimon asks Reuven for a loan. Shimon is not sure if Reuven is…

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Loans & Collections: Part I

Lending with a Heter Iska

Rav Yitzchok Grossman , Rosh Kollel of Greater Washington and Dayan at the Bais HaVaad   Question: Many people use heter iskas when giving loans. Essentially, a heter iska restructures…

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Tzedakah & Ma'aser II: Week 4

Extra Tzedakah Money

Rav Baruch Fried Question: An individual organized a fundraising event for a very specific cause. He needed to raise a certain amount of money to cover the costs of this…

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Lost Ma’aser Money

Rav Baruch Fried Question: Reuven had an envelope full of ma’aser money that he planned on disbursing to the tzedakah collectors in his shul. Somehow, he accidentally misplaced the money;…

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Tzedakah & Ma'aser II: Week 3

Prepaying Ma’aser

Rav Baruch Fried Case: Reuven has a business and usually takes off ma’aser at the end of each year. This year, he made a very profitable deal that netted him…

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Tzedakah & Ma'aser II: Week 2

Ma’aser for Tuition

Rav Baruch Fried Question: Can one use ma’aser money for tuition payments? Answer: The general rule is that one cannot use ma’aser money to pay for mitzvos that he is…

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Tzedakah & Ma'aser II: Week 1

Ma’aser on Real Estate

Rav Baruch Fried Question: An investor bought a piece of real estate for $250,000 and subsequently sold it for $350,000, netting him a profit of $100,000. In order to avoid…

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Ma’aser on Stocks

Rav Baruch Fried Question: Does an individual who has a stock portfolio need to give ma’aser on the appreciation of a stock, even if he doesn’t plan to sell the…

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Tzedakah & Ma'aser I: Week 4

Tzedakah & Ma'aser I: Week 3

Tzedakah & Ma'aser I: Week 2

The Definition of an Ani

Rav Dovid Grossman, Rosh Bais HaVaad Question:  What are the defining factors and parameters that categorize any individual as a poor person eligible to receive tzedakah or ma’aser? Answer: The…

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Tzedakah & Ma'aser I: Week 1

Does Family Come First?  

Rav Dovid Grossman, Rosh Bais HaVaad Question: When giving ma'aser to poor people, can one give priority to needy family members? Is one obligated to do so? Answer: We learn…

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The Hierarchy of Tzedakah

Rav Dovid Grossman, Rosh Bais HaVaad Question: Everybody has different worthy causes that speak to them and to which they like to give priority when giving tzedakah. For example, some…

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Onaah and Mekach Taos Part 5

The Cost of Tissues

Rabbi Yosef Greenwald, Rav of Khal Dexter Park, Dayan at Bais HaVaad Case: Someone makes an order from his local grocery store, with tissues being one of the items he…

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Onaah and Mekach Taos Part 4

All Sales Are Final

Rav Yosef Greenwald, Rav of Khal Dexter Park and Dayan in the Bais HaVaad Question: Stores often run sales where they offer lower prices but explicitly say that, “All sales…

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Onaah and Mekach Taos Part 3

Mekach Ta’os on a Vacation

Rav Yosef Greenwald, Rav of Khal Dexter Park and Dayan in the Bais HaVaad: Question: Reuven booked a vacation home after seeing an advertisement that depicted it as a beautiful,…

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Onaah and Mekach Taos Part 2

Onaah During a Shortage

Rav Yosef Greenwald, Rov of Khal Dexter Park and Dayan in the Bais HaVaad: Question: During the early days of COVID, there was a major shortage of hand sanitizer, which…

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Onaah and Mekach Taos Part 1

Onaah in Discount Markets

Rav Yosef Greenwald, Rav of Khal Dexter Park and Dayan in the Bais HaVaad Question: In Manhattan, it is very common for street vendors to sell knockoffs of name brands.…

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Commitments & Kinyanim Part IV

Reading The Fine Print

Rav Eliezer Cohen Case: Reuven just bought a new house and is finally able to move out of his basement apartment. When he informs his landlord that he will be…

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Kinyanim of a Minor

Rav Eliezer Cohen Question: A child finds some money laying around at home and takes it to the grocery store, where he happily purchases a lot of candy. Of course,…

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Commitments & Kinyanim Part III

Commitments & Kinyanim Part II

Commitments & Kinyanim Part I

Competition & Infringement - Part IV

Competition & Infringement - Part III

Poaching Customers

HaRav Chaim Weg Question: Reuven owns a credit card processing company. Is he allowed to schedule an appointment with a business owner who currently uses the services of his competitor,…

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Competition & Infringement - Part II

Competition & Infringement - Part I

Corporate Chametz - Part III

Corporate Chametz - Part II

Corporate Chametz - Part I

Chametz in Rented Apartments

Rav Yosef Kushner Question: If someone owns an apartment building with non-Jewish tenants who will have chametz in their apartments on Pesach, is that a concern? Answer: Chametz that belongs…

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Partnerships & Corporations Part IV - Mutual liability

If a Partner Makes an Error

Rav Yitzchok Grossman Question: We previously spoke about an instance where one partner deviates from the partnership – for example, if the business sells electronics and he decides to purchase…

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Partnerships & Corporations Part III - Profits & Losses

Partnerships & Corporations Part II - Profits and Losses

Partnerships & Corporations - Part I

Non-Compete Agreements

Agreement Validation Clause

Laws of Asmachta

Contracts 101

Halachos of Employment Part 4

Halachos of Employment Part 3

Halachos of Employment Part 2

Halachos of Employment Part 1

Halachic Considerations of Corporate Gifting

Geneivas Da'as & Acceptable Marketing Part 2

Geneivas Da'as Part 1

Gezel Akum Part 2

Gezel Akum Part 1

Gezel Part 3: Gezel D'Rabbanan and Hashavas Gezel

Gezel Part 2: Borrowing Without Knowledge and Intellectual Property

Paying an Invoice Late

Rabbi Chaim Weg  Case: Someone hired a painter to paint his house but was shocked when he received the total bill for several thousand dollars. Apparently, he had not realized…

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Parameters of Gezel

Intro to Choshen Mishpat

Commerce on Chol Hamoed

Minhag Part 2

Leeway in Work Hours

Rabbi Baruch Fried Case: I run a company with mainly frum workers. I noticed many of them spend quite a while on coffee breaks. They already take off time for…

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Minhag Part 1

Dina D'Malchusa Dina Part 2

Using Counterfeit Money

Rabbi Dovid Grossman   Question: Someone owns a gift shop in a busy tourist hot spot. One day, he discovers a one-hundred dollar bill in his cash register that is…

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Dina D'Malchusa Dina Part 1

Yashrus and Halacha

Commerce in Halacha

Ribbis & Investments

Capital Calls & Ribbis

Capital Calls & Ribbis Preferred Equity: Why Don’t the Elements of Risk Take Away Potential Ribbis Issues? Rabbi Yosef Dovid Josilowsky Case: Reuven and Shimon create a business partnership. One…

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Ribbis and Convertible Notes

Rabbi Yosef Dovid Josilowsky Question: In the previous sessions, we have discussed investment issues in halacha and in particular with regard to the prohibition of ribbis (forbidden interest). Another common…

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Introduction to Investments & Ribbis

Taking Only from Profit 

Rabbi Yosef Josilowsky In our last session, we addressed one scenario of preferred equity (where the investor takes precedence in receiving his money back over others) and issues of ribbis,…

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An Employee's Obligation to His Employer

E-commerce and Shabbos

Homeowners, Contractors & Subcontractors







Whose Purell Is it?

Rav Chaim Weg June 9, 2020   Question: During the last few months, it has become more common to do shopping for others, such as for elderly neighbors or relatives.…

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Maaser for Covid Tuition

Q1. May one use maaser for tuition in general? Q2. Even if in a normal circumstance one cannot, is it possible that the tuition being paid during the COVID-19 school…

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Playgroups vs. Schools

Q. The peshara for playgroups as mentioned previously was 25-33% of the regular tuition. Why does it seem that the expectation regarding schools is to pay closer to full tuition? As a…

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