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Taking Only from Profit 

Rabbi Yosef Josilowsky In our last session, we addressed one scenario of preferred equity (where the investor takes precedence in receiving his money back over others) and issues of ribbis, the prohibition to take interest from another Jew. Today we…

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Why Might Preferred Equity Be Considered Ribbis?

Rabbi Yosef Dovid Josilowsky We mentioned in the first session on this subject that various types of investments exist in today’s business world that sometimes raise halachic questions related to the prohibition of ribbis. One of these, preferred equity, refers…

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Introduction to Investments and Ribbis

Rabbi Yosef Dovid Josilowsky   Question: There are many different types of investments in the business world today, and the halachos of ribbis (forbidden interest) vary depending upon which investment one engages. Can you give us a basic introduction to…

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