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Can a Man Give a Woman a Ride to The Mountains?

Question: A man is driving up on his own to the mountains and is requested to give a woman a ride. Is this a yichud problem? 

Answer: Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach says that this would be a problem at times or in areas when there are no other cars on the road that can see into their car. At such times, they are alone and no one can see them, so there would be a prohibition of yichud. If, however, there are other cars on the road who could see into their car, there would be no problem. 

Rav Moshe Feinstein, however, says that even if there are other cars on the road who can see into their car, he still is concerned that the man and woman could turn off the main roads and go somewhere secluded. 

Rav Moshe’s source is the Maharshal, who was asked if a woman with a young child could get a ride with a male wagon driver. He rules that she shouldn’t do this because there is a concern that the woman and wagon driver could leave the child for a time and go into a secluded place. 

Although other Poskim argue on the Maharshal, Rav Moshe says that, l’chatchilah, one should be stringent and not give the woman a ride even at times when other cars are on the road. If this is impractical, or she would be insulted if you refuse her, he says that one may be lenient and rely on the Poskim who permit giving her a ride when there are other cars around.  

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