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for all things Business Halacha.

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Join one of our educational study programs or simply choose to receive informative articles or monetary halacha issues and solutions directly relevant to your personal or corporate needs.

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Bais Havaad provides hands-on pragmatic solutions to the myriad halachic issues and concerns facing the Torah professional in his business and personal relationships.


 Bais HaVaad Rabbinical Court provides halachic mediation and arbitration of monetary, familial, and social disputes, all conducted in an atmosphere of professionalism, sensitivity, and integrity.


With over 50 Dayanim, Poskim and Kollel members – a group of some of the most accomplished Talmidei Chachamim in the United States today – the Bais Havaad has become the epicenter for the study and analysis of Halacha and its application in today’s world.

The Bais HaVaad Kehilla Division provides a full suite of business halacha services. From contracts and partnership agreements to heter iskas, wills, and shabbos arrangements, the Kehilla Division ensures that a halachic life is fully accessible and practical for all.



We are here to ensure that you can engage in your business dealings while being secure in the knowledge that you are adhering to the highest standards in halacha.

Our Bais Din works tirelessly to mediate and adjudicate any disagreements.

Our Dayanim in the guidance and services division are there to guide you through any business shailos you may have, and create halachically valid and clearcut documents that will work to mitigate future issues/misunderstandings in the best way possible.

Our education division works to educate Klal Yisroel on Business Halacha through media and learning programs helping to transform the way we view business in the frum community.

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Business Halacha Services

When time is of the essence. When it’s a dif­ficult part­nership agree­ment. When you and your employ­ee need to part ways. When your heter iska needs to satis­fy the law and The Law. Our Choshen Mishpat professionals will get it done.

Torah & Media Division

Research and education of contemporary issues through the prism of Halacha and Hashkafa.

Zichron Gershon Kollel L’Dayanus

A full-day kollel comprised of advanced scholars producing Dayanim of the highest caliber.

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Welcome to the Daily Business Halacha program

Business Halacha Daily features a daily halacha video covering pertinent business topics such as Interest and Heter Iskas, Geneivas Da’as, Loshon Hara in Business, Partnerships and Dissolutions. 


Playgroups vs. Schools

Q. The peshara for playgroups as mentioned previously was 25-33% of the regular tuition. Why does it seem that the expectation regarding schools is to pay closer to full tuition? As a matter of fact, there is a possibility from a Halachic…

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Tuition for Playgroups and Babysitters

As playgroups and babysitters are closed. Do parents have to pay tuition? If yes, how much? The starting point for these kinds of questions is the Chasam Sofer, which as mentioned in the previous shiur, in the case of a…

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Firing and Furlough Amid COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, many businesses and schools have been closed. What obligation does a business or school owner have towards his employees? If one is obligated, are there any exceptions? Is the halacha different if there is a physical signed…

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