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Must a Metzora become Tahor Immediately?

An Overview of a Shiur by Rav Moshe Zev Granek on Parshas Metzora

(זאת תהיה תורת המצורע והובא אל הכהן (ויקרא יד:א

Why does the pasuk say he is brought to the kohen if he may not enter the machaneh?

  • Ramban interpreting Toras Kohanim – It means he must make himself tahor as soon as possible.
  • Binyan Tzion (Chadashos 127) interpreting Toras Kohanim — There is no chiyuv to wait like there is for a zav (who waits shiva nekiyim).

Are there other sources that a metzora must become tahor immediately?

  • Gemara (Chullin 141a) – Hava Amina that mitzva of taharas metzora would override the mitzva of shiluach hakein and one may take a mother bird and chicks if no other birds are available.
    • Kehilos Yaakov (Yoma 21) – This proves that metzora must become tahor immediately.
    • Dvar Avraham – It only proves that shalom bayis of metzora (who hasn’t been with his wife) is doche shiluach hakein, but not mitzva of taharas metzora alone. 
  • Gemara (Yevamos 5b) – Metzora must shave all of his hair including the pe’os, showing aseh doche lo taaseh.
    • Chazon Ish/Gra – the aseh is taharas metzora.
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