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Shabbos Seuda: We Don’t See It on the Menu

An Overview of a Shiur given by Rav Ari Stauber on Parshas Emor

וביום השביעי שבת שבתון מקרא קודש כל מלאכה לא תעשו ויקרא כג:ג

Gemara (Shabbos 148b-149a) — One may not read a guest list or food menu on Shabbos for two reasons:

  • May erase something
  • May come  to read shtarei hedyotos

Heterim for reading a food menu on Shabbos or Yom Tov:

  • Avoiding the concern of erasing:
    • From Rav Eliashiv – We don’t prepare the exact amount of food, so no concern of nervousness that one might erase.
    • Bach– Someone else can read it, as the concern of erasing is only for the wife.
    • Rashba – Can appoint a shomer to ensure she does not erase.
    • Rav Heinemann and Rav Furst – Can use a page-saver or laminate it, which serve as a heker
  • Avoiding shtarei hedyotos
  • Magen Avraham/Rav Shmuel Kamanetsky – It is a seudas mitzvah, and the gezeira doesn’t apply.
  • Magen Avraham – Gezeira doesn’t apply to very short documents.
  • Write the names of foods on separate index cards.
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