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Halachos of Daily Livivg

Is there a bracha that should be recited on a hurricane?

Yes. Shulchan Aruch (OC 227:1) writes one may recite either Oseh Maasay Bereishis or Shekocho Ugvuroso Molay Olom for thunder, lightning or “great winds that blow with rage”. Common practice is to recite Oseh Maasay Bereishis for lightning (this bracha speaks of the wonders of creation), and Shekocho Ugvuroso Molay Olom for thunder (this bracha refers to the awesome power of Hashem) [Mishna Berura 227:5]. The Mishna Berura also writes that the blessing of Shekocho Ugvuroso Molay Olom – “That His power and strength fills the world” is only said on a wind that howls with such intensity that it can be heard across the world (until the horizon) similar to thunder. Since we are not proficient in delineating what exactly is a “wind that blows with rage”, we do not recite this blessing. Instead, we recite the blessing of Oseh Maasay Bereishis. Although a hurricane would seemingly qualify as “a wind that blows with rage” the custom is to avoid the issue by always reciting Oseh Maasay Bereishis which can be recited on any dangerous gust of wind.

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