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Laws related to Berachos

In a recent Halacha Yomis you mentioned that according to many opinions the bracha on cloves is borei minei b’samim. Can you please explain why? On which other spices does one recite borei minei b’samim?

The bracha ‘”borei minei b’samim” is recited on spices that don’t fit into any of the other categories. On aromatic fruit, we say the blessing “Hanosain raiyach tov b’peiros” (who placed aroma in fruit). On aromatic tree branches, we say the blessing “borei atzei b’samim” (who created aromatic trees). On aromatic plants and herbs, we say the blessing “borei isvei b’samim” (who created aromatic grasses). The bracha on musk (which comes from an animal) is “borei minei b’samim“. This is because it does not fit into any of the other categories (Shulchan Aruch OC 216:2).

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