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Laws related to Berachos

When does the day begin for the counting of one hundred brachos? Does one begin counting from sunset, when
the halachic day begins, or does one begin
counting from the morning?

Poskim, such as the Mishna Berura (46:14),
include the bracha of HaMapil (which is recited at night before going
to sleep) as one of the beginning brachos of
the day, in the count of one hundred brachos. This
would indicate that the counting of brachos begins
at night, and like most other mitzvos, the time-frame follows the halachic day.

Interestingly, many poskim write that if one davens Maariv on Erev Shabbos
before sunset, or bentches at the
conclusion of Shalosh Seudos after Tzeis Hakochavim, these brachos are
counted toward the hundred brachos of
Shabbos. (See Yabia Omer 10:7 and Shevet Halevi 5:23). This is because
the halachic day of Shabbos can be extended
both before and after Shabbos (tosofos Shabbos),
and brachos recited anytime during Shabbos
count toward that day.

Sefer Betzeil Hachochma writes that on a regular week night, if
one davens Maariv before sunset, these brachos will count toward the earlier day.