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This past Sunday, a special event took place at the Prospect Park Shul.
The OU and the Bais HaVaad partnered to present Daf Yomi learners with an opportunity to learn how a variety of foods are made and thereby understand what their proper brachos should be.
Rabbi Moshe Chaim Kahan shlit”a, Rov of the Williams Street Shul, delivered a shiur on the correct brachos for wraps, blintzes, and pancakes. He concluded with a discussion of the bracha to make on everyone’s favorite Jewish food, sushi.

Rabbi Eli Gersten, OU Rabbinic Coordinator and Recorder of Piskei Halacha, spoke about the complexities involved in determining the proper bracha on many breakfast cereals. He spoke about energy bars, Kind bars, and granola bars as well.
The event was dedicated to the memory of R’ Yosef Yisroel ben R’ Moshe Grossman zt”l, longtime educational director at OU Kosher, who was instrumental in teaching many rabbonim, chavrei kollel and families the intricacies of hilchos kashrus.
“All Daf,” a project of the Orthodox Union, is a huge database of Daf Yomi resources, featuring just about everything Daf Yomi-related available. Its app and website include many shiurim and myriad other user-friendly features to help with Daf Yomi study.
The Bais HaVaad of Lakewood offers a unique resource for Daf learners in the form of its “Daf in Halacha” audio series, which organizes the complex sugyos found in each day’s Daf and presents the participant with a practical and authoritative halachic application of the material studied that day. The shiurim are presented by poskim, dayanim and magidei shiur of the Bais HaVaad and by a select group of renowned halachic authorities from across the globe.
The event was livestreamed on Torah Anytime,
with Agudas Yisroel of America partnering to organize the shiur.