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Bais HaVaad on the Parsha, Parshas Bemidbar

Service Interruption

Excerpted and adapted from a shiur by Rav Moshe Zev Granek

June 2, 2022


Each morning we recite birchos haTorah. According to the Rosh (Brachos perek 1), one who takes a significant nap during the day must repeat them afterward, because sleep is a hesach hada’as. But Rabeinu Tam maintains that the morning’s birchos haTorah are effective for the entire day. The Bais Yosef quotes the Agur, who adopts the position of Rabeinu Tam and rules that one who sleeps in the daytime does not repeat birchos haTorah, because the morning’s brachos are still in effect. The Shulchan Aruch (O.C. 47:11) cites both views but favors Rabeinu Tam’s.

Later, the Shulchan Aruch (O.C. 47:13) addresses the case of someone who sleeps at night but rises before dawn. He rules that if he wishes to study Torah, the man should recite birchos haTorah immediately. This would imply that he sides with the Rosh, as Rabeinu Tam holds that the obligation of birchos haTorah each day only begins at dawn.

This apparent contradiction in the Shulchan Aruch is addressed by the Acharonim. See, e.g., Magein Avraham (to 47:12), Machatzis Hashekel, and Tzlach (Brachos 11b).


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