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About Us
The Center for the Study and Practice of Monetary Halacha

With over 50 Dayanim, Poskim, and Kollel members – a group of some of the most accomplished Talmidei Cha­chamim in the United States today- the Bais HaVaad has become the epicenter for the study and analysis of Hala­cha and its application in today’s world. The Bais HaVaad Kehilla Division provides a full suite of business halacha services. From contracts and partnership agreements, to heter iskas, wills, and shabbos arrangements, ensuring that a halachic life is fully accessible and practical for all.

Our Mission

1. To promote, and provide for, the specialized halachic needs of Jews the world over; with a focus on business halacha.

2. To restore dignity and public trust in the bais din.

Our Vision

1. The Bais HaVaad will be the premier national center for halachic adjudication and specialized halachic needs.

2. The Bais HaVaad will serve as the forum for advanced halachic discussion and discourse.

3. The Bais HaVaad will lead the campaign to restore dignity and public trust in the bais din institution.

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